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The Art of Natural Cooling

Design of a responsive website for CoolAnt, a start-up that provides sustainable building facade solutions, manuals to help architects design climatically responsive designs. , and other products. The company's mission is  to reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable buildings. The company was then rebranded to come across as a go-to for all sustainable cooling solution, instead of a startup with varied services.



Ant Studio


November 2022 - March 2023


The Banana Collaborative

2 Topic.jpg
2 Topic.jpg
3 ontents and Process.jpg
2 Topic.jpg
4 About.jpg
5 Client and Products.jpg
6 Product and environments.jpg
7 Previous design.jpg
8 effort matrix.jpg
9 Empathy.jpg
9 New Role.jpg
10 USJ 1.jpg
13 Opportunities and challenges.jpg
14 Site Map.jpg
15 Alternate worlds.jpg
16 Style Guide.jpg
17 Wireframing.jpg

The Final Product

Based on the design thinking process undertaken, we set out to develop the website using Webflow. We made changes to our Iterations on Figma based on Client Feedback and Usability Testing, as well as evaluating Impact/Effort in terms of development: what features would take the least amount of effort to develop, that would have the highest impact.

19 Screens 5.jpg
20 Screens 3.jpg
21 Screens 4.jpg
21 Screens 5.jpg
22 Business Metric.jpg
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